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You ask what is PTSA?

PTSA stands for Parent Teacher Student Association, consisting of parents, teachers, students, and other citizens working together to support and enrich our school. 

Riverbend Elementary PTSA Mission Statement:

Our mission is to support a partnership between parents, teachers, students and community members in order to afford each child in our school the opportunity to reach their highest potential. The PTSA is here to foster a sense of community within our school to positively impact the lives of the children and their families. 

Our PTSA Goals:

To build community and integrate all families into the school.
To provide educational opportunities and support.
To recruit volunteers and empower our teachers.
To communicate effectively about PTSA events and opportunities.
To advocate for our children at local, district, and state levels.
To be a financially stable and well managed organization.

In order to achieve these goals, we will complete these actions: 

To build community, we will:

Sponsor, coordinate, and promote family events that foster a sense of school community. 
Improve access to PTSA benefits and activities to create an inclusive community.

To provide educational opportunities and curriculum support, we will:

Bring in educational speakers or events.
Support staff through financial grants that enhance our academic community.

To recruit volunteers and empower our teachers we will:

Recognize excellence in volunteers and staff through programs such as Washington State PTA Awards 
We also encourage our teachers by doing Staff Appreciation events throughout the year. 

To communicate clearly about PTSA events and opportunities, we will:

Use our Facebook page, PTSA website, bulletin boards and add to the administration emails to clearly communicate to all parents.

Provide for member feedback. 

To advocate for our children at a local unit, district and state level, we will:

Share information about legislative issues using our website, Facebook page, and at our general meetings.

To be a financially stable and well managed organization, we will:

Strive for 100% membership (one adult for every student in our school).
Maintain 100% teacher membership.
Follow State and National best practice and strive for gold in standards of excellence.
Attend training opportunities at the local, regional, and state levels.